Aaron Magden

Managing Director
Home Services Sector Leader


Aaron joined Akoya in 2024 and has 25+ years of experience in the residential home services industry, most recently as Co-Founder and President of Window Nation, a window installation company headquartered in Fulton, Maryland. In his role as President at Window Nation, Aaron focused on sales and marketing and oversaw the entire sales operation for the company while his brother Harley focused on marketing and operations for the organization.

Aaron created a unique sales system for Window Nation that revolutionized the industry, shying away from the typical “high-pressure” in home consultation and focused on a customer-centric model designed to meet the needs of each individual homeowner first and foremost.

During his time at Window Nation, Aaron navigated the Company through two acquisitions, by Cortec Group in 2018 and subsequently by AEA Investors in 2021; Aaron helped open new markets and optimize the sales process and marketing spend throughout these processes.

Throughout his experience at Window Nation, Aaron helped launch dozens of new markets across the nation, utilizing his skills in sales and marketing to quickly grow market share and reach profitability in each new market, ultimately making Window Nation the largest non-franchise window company in the country.

Sector-Related Experience

Window Nation, Co-Founder & President

Portfolio Company Board Participation