• Proprietary Deal Flow
  • Industry Experts
  • Human Capital Expertise
  • Executive Leadership pre and post close


Akoya nurtures trusted working relationships with the world's leading investors. We conduct extensive research and leverage industry knowledge and contacts to generate proprietary deal flow and to identify platform companies with significant value creation potential.

Akoya structures every transaction with the long-term success of the enterprise in mind. Our primary goal is to build a capital structure that will support growth and meet the challenges and opportunities of the company. Akoya invests its own capital in every transaction. We have long-term relationships with a large number of institutional capital sources with whom we co-invest.

Akoya provides our co-investors a fully assessed, industry-leading executive; a vetted, validated investment thesis; a proprietary platform company with high growth potential; other qualified co-investors; and a thoughtful operating pro forma.

Akoya possesses the rigor necessary to create profitable, growth-oriented enterprises with a high probability of success. Along with our sector leaders, we work as a hands-on partner in the entire concept development and acquisition process, straight through until closing.

In addition, through trusted relationships with our sector leaders, Akoya Capital deploys human capital talent over a spectrum of needs — including boards of directors, special advisors, and interim and permanent senior executive roles — for portfolio organizations and beyond, as needed.