Developing long lasting trusted partnerships that maximize value for all stakeholders

We have cultivated a reputation to be recognized as a leading lower middle-market sector focused private equity firm that creates and nurtures partnerships between management and capital. Through our rigorous investment process, we partner and align with business owners, sector leaders, intermediaries and co-investors to achieve outstanding returns.

Business Owners

As a transaction represents a significant personal inflection point, we provide you with the control and options to structure the transaction to meet your goals and pursue your personal and business future as you wish.

Many business owners with whom we work have a strong desire for the continued growth and success of their company and for the security of their employees. We are not financial buyers seeking to build value by subtraction; rather, we build value by growth, both organic growth and through acquisitions. With our commitment to the real growth of your business, you will have the security that your legacy will be protected and your employee’s futures secure.

With deep domain and operating expertise, we don’t have to learn. We understand the industry challenges and opportunities, and have developed an investment strategy uniquely tailored to the industry sector.

Each of our industry sectors is led by a world-class senior industry executive with extensive operating experience and a track record of building businesses and creating value within the sector. In working with Akoya, you work with operators; people who speak your language and have walked in your shoes. We also offer you the opportunity to reinvest a portion of the sale proceeds into the new company. Your choice.


“Akoya provided us with professional counsel, advice, vision, direction, and operating experience throughout our long-term partnership. They’ve been an excellent partner – it’s as simple as that.”

Jim Moroney, CEO, MMG


Akoya is not reliant on one single funding source; we are not tied to a template of investment criteria. We are in a position to evaluate each opportunity on its own merits. In addition to investing our own capital, our co-investment partners are highly successful professionals within private equity firms, hedge funds and family offices, as well as high-net-worth individuals who understand the power of the sector led strategy.

We use the following framework in our investment decisions:

  • Platform companies with revenues from $25 to $200 million
  • We target platform, as well as add-on investments in the following sectors:
    • Industrial – Specialty Chemicals, Industrial Products & Distribution
    • Consumer – Foods & Products
    • Professional Information Services

Our distinct competitive advantage comes from:

  • Our  accomplished, industry-leading sector leaders who have  relevant domain expertise and a track record of success, create a distinct competitive advantage.
  • A vetted, validated investment thesis that clearly articulates a significant opportunity in markets of particular interest to the co-investor.

Because we lead with our  sector led investment strategy, we are open to a wide selection of marketplace opportunities. In addition to a buy and-build strategy, we also focus on growth strategies.

“Akoya brings subject matter expertise, transparency and a higher likelihood of getting to the finish line than many other firms, as evidenced by their successful track record.”

Mike Skaff, Managing Partner, Seneca Partners

Co-investment Partners

Akoya nurtures trusted working relationships with the world’s leading investors. We conduct extensive research and leverage industry knowledge and contacts to generate proprietary deal flow and to identify platform companies with significant value creation potential.

Akoya structures every transaction with the long-term success of the enterprise in mind. Our primary goal is to build a capital structure that will support growth and meet the challenges and opportunities of the company. Akoya invests its own capital in every transaction. We have long-term relationships with a large number of institutional capital sources and select family offices with whom we co-invest.

Akoya provides our co-investors a fully assessed, industry-leading executive; a vetted, validated investment thesis; a proprietary platform company with high growth potential; other qualified co-investors; and a thoughtful operating pro forma.

Akoya possesses the rigor necessary to create profitable, growth-oriented enterprises with a high probability of success. Along with our sector leaders, we work as a hands-on partner in the entire concept development and acquisition process, straight through until closing.

In addition, through trusted relationships with our sector leaders, Akoya Capital deploys human capital talent over a spectrum of needs — including boards of directors, special advisors, and interim and permanent senior executive roles — for portfolio organizations and beyond, as needed.

“Akoya operates with a high level of integrity that has been particularly valuable as side-by-side fiduciaries on the Board of Directors of the company that we invested in together. They are all good partners who want everyone to have success and to share in that success together. Akoya brings an operating partner to the table who creates value post-closing – that’s the unique feature that separates them from most other firms.”

Chris Sullivan, Managing Partner, Landon Capital